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I have a decade long experience in the field of project management, contracts management, procurement and supply chain management with Energy and utilities major ABB, SIEMENS and ALSTOM. In various capacities I have help set up 8 power generation facilities in India, Europe, Taiwan, Canada and the US. My area of expertise is in the entire value chain of project delivery – from inception to handover. I have handled bulk purchasing contracts for my company involving complex financial and tax propositins and as a project manager was responsible for meeting entire deliverables within the constraint triangle and excel in customer delight. My current role is of a project manager for SAP projects for IT major INFOSYS at its onshore locations.

My goals are to exceed in the domain and business consulting space primarily in Energy and utilities sector.

I have a passion for finance and investments in equity, derivative, commoditity and bond markets in India and abroad.

All writeups on this webpage is my thought on how I see the wider world in areas of Sports, Investments, technology in my perspective. No where any effort to advise the readers is given on what to do but just a run down of my thought process. In all the writeups – no material documents from any sources are taken. Thoughts written are my own manifestation. Any person taking any advise from my writeups is sole accountable for his action and I take no responsibility for readers actions either directly or indirectly. Most of my writeups have no or minimal research in background and thus at best they can be just a narration of my view of my surrounding than anything significant in particular.


Comment from Aditya Sinha
Time December 21, 2009 at 10:15 pm

Prakash – Very well written posts which speaks the language of common man. You talk serious business and finance in the most simple words. Thanks Adi.

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