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Art of corruption

 Corruption needs to be soon professionalised. It is after all an art. Let degrees and felicitations be given to those who are the best. The so called social “stigma” attached to this beautiful art is misplaced.


Generations have thrived on this great art and some have mastered more than the others. Today, the success in this art is a guarantee to power and wealth. No Counrty is bereft of talent pool in this subject – just that few are better (read better reported) than the rest. Corruption of similar maginitude is prevalent everywhere. If you happen to read too much of a news related to corruption from a particular region- bravado to the press in that region and also to those practicing this art in that region telling them they are “novices” right now and needs to ramp up their skills. They are pretty much high school standards while their other peers might have already secured Doctorates and masters – at the least a bachelors.


Lets focus to Asia, and India in particular. Everyone in an enviable position of power and influence is qualified corrupt. Few are PHD holders while everyone else is growing up the ladder. Any opprotunity they get to empty the government (public) coffers have thoroughly made it count. Even a few month in office (Chandrasekhar Govt formed with 36 old MPs)

 is good enough to make savings for generations.Offlate a series of scams ranging from IPL Modi, Commonwealth Kalmadi, to Adarsh Chavan to Telecom Raja have given these folks their share of fame. In past Fodder Laloo scam was made to look like a huge one – considering what is happening offlate, fodder scam is not more than a pickpocket. That Laloo had to lose Chief Ministership and spent time in jail for a pickpocket makes him look like a novice still in kindergarten school of this art. Invariably most of the policians and bureaurcrat holds realty and other assets to the tune of million of dollars and many more have swiss accounts. Hats off to these folks – they have mustered this art well. They will continue to walk free and enjoy life kingsize. CBI, CVC and justice system of India are invigilators of this art exam course and they have awared diplomas and degrees to these otherwise history sheaters – one reason because they themseleves are in the process of learning this education. Author, just wants to ask one question – why haven’t been a single meaningful conviction to a top honcho. A system cannot be so clean that every one chargesheeted in past came out clean after a bail. Author believes Asatya Raju will eventually be proved innocent. As a food for thought to its readers author wants a proper justification as to why – An adarsh apartment complex was plannned by someone in Colaba, (South Mumbai) for Kargil war heroes (widows). It is too good to be true. War widows struggle to get a mere 2000 pension once their bread earner lose life saving this country – out of all the available places in India, why Colaba? And what those widows will get living beside the Ambanis and whoes who of Indian corporate and politics in hustle bustle of South Mumbai – they would be better off in peaceful countryside. A clear cut case of a bigger corruption is their in which the real motive was to get the army land clearance for comemrical/residential facilities which otherwise would have never happened. The motive was to secure flat for the rich and mighty on pretext of a noble cause.


Destination America, US has punished few like Enron and Globalcomm leaders but the biggest economy of planet cannot just have these few corrupts individuals. It is better than a utopian thought at best. So much money is thrown in election (even primary) campaigns that it is hard to believe that the one who is spending is not doing for any personal motives. Corruption has one name but many forms – in US it is more likely that the hidden forms are more prevalent than those blatant daylight robbery type. Insurance and banking industry are skewed and the legal system is absolutely ridiculous. A day light road accident by virtue of an attorney involvement gets reduced to a non-moving violation.No one wants to punish the guilty – they just want the money!!!!!!!!! An insider information from the healthcare system states that Doctors recommend unwanted tests on a patient through multiple other healthcare shops (for pathological/electrical test) because of a strong network of sharing the revenues. In a starkling revealation it also was quite a thing to note that eventual difference in payments between a gold insurance covered woman and an un-insured woman in terms of her labor/birth of child was almost comparable (both delivery procedure was C with no other complications and patient in both case discharged after 72 hours). The other part was that the gold insurance woman’s Insurance provider had to pay up around $40k. These are hard facts based on evidence in real life – so please do not say that developed countries are saints. No one is – the system has reached a state of equilibrium is what we otherwise chose to call.


China- well no body really knows what is going on here, but democratic regime needs to be restored first to have better and uncontroled reporting. Other parts of world from Europe to Africa, have various names for this institution of art called corruption – it is present in various forms- but sure it is.


As it is said, an individual is innocent untill proven guilty and as this piece of write-up goes to press, millions of cases against the rich are mighly are subjudice (incl, the names of individuals who figures in this writeup). They are all innocent – without any doubt. Legal system is doing its work – it will continue to……..while we are thinking of recommending a “noble prize” for Corruption.


Caveat: You are accountable for corruption even when you behave oblivion to it or chose to look other side.


Statutory warning: Corruption is a disgusting sin and a punishable action in all courts of law, and author portrayal of it as an art has an intention towards pun. It is something which needs to be abhored and punished.

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